Telos was recorded and mixed by Isurus in 2011 between February and May in The Blue Moon III in Bermondsey, London, England.

Below is the full album video with lyric subtitles:

The album was written over a fairly long time, in terms of the music, while we were looking for the remaining members of the band, and a couple of riffs had been around for years and years in various forms! Once Braun joined the band in February 2011 just prior to recording starting, the music was 95% in place and he started writing his parts to the tracks immediately. Guide guitars were tracked and we started recording the drum tracks and then the final guitars.

Below are a couple of pictures of the studio, there are more recording photos in the gallery section of this page:

After getting the drums and guitars recorded, we started tracking the vocals, which was whilst Braun was still writing the parts and lyrics. He basically lived in the album for about three months, getting it all together and recorded! We then spent two weeks writing and recording the bass parts, which was not ideal and pretty stressful!

We did the best we could with the production of this album, but were never happy with it. So in 2013 we completely remixed and remastered Telos in our new studio, The Event Horizon, whilst we were getting on with writing the second album. This is why we decided not to mix the next album ourselves!

For the remaster release we used a different cover, and offered the album as a free download from this site up until the release of Logocharya.

There is more about this period, and the writing of this album on our blog and also links to various relevant threads over on the Isurus Forum.

12 track debut album
Released in June 2011
Remixed & Remastered in September 2013

1- Inoculate
2 - Down There
3 - Dark Matter
4 - Disintegrating Illusion
5 - The Accompaniment Of Shadows
6 - Incubate
7 - Everything Is Nothing
8 - Osiris
9 - These Years
10 - Illuminate
11 - Eyeless Sight
12 - Last Scene

Thomas Drew - Drums
Braun Amore - Vocals
Lizod - Guitars & Bass

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