hunting down his true face
firmly he stood right before
twisted reflections of mirrors
fell down from above

praying to ease his own gods
the dark sister he fought
twin nemesis inside
he tried to sacrifice

once he lost the fight for
his mind to be his own
in pieces he was cut
spread all over the earth

each poor piece alone sought for
rejoining the one soul

wandering like a blind swarm
for senseless ages they were

floating in unknown seas
or borrowing through the stones
trapped down deep underground
chased by the noise of crowds

shards of consciousness lost
chaos established its laws
pain was too much to bear
sanity lost its home

but there was a bright spark of love
that always endured the war

he was reforged
fed by new lifeblood
arose once again
to bring light and prosperity
wisdom built
brick by brick
a new strength born by
aware vulnerability

a new mind achieved
able to see things
there to guard the gates
of his heaven and hell
a well calibrated libra to weigh
the hearts of ideas
and read the language of the world

a powerful hand to keep control
and bright eyes to read the secret code
alpha and omega he was then
master of life and death of all
brought back again
to never crumble anymore
god of black and white
god of his own
living dogma
a flourishing seed of light he was

nothing to trash or fear
iridescent portrait
never framed
always growing
painting life
filling void

king of his land now
with crown of spirit
hanging above him
free from deceiving
his war is over
Seth is now kneeling
he found his Isis
a new sun's breeding



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