Last Scene

drumming on leaves
cloud’s tears kiss sacred green
little hands
rugged arms
elderly tree
span my shade with yours
like once used to be

through a crack in the veil
the moon's benevolent face
shows her light
peaceful smile
speaks my life

time is for me to leave
I won' t fall into sleep
I left here something that
I came now to retrieve

all around a crazy ballet
of flawless silhouettes
sharing the uncovered stage
atop this windy hill
shadows and grass dance and whirl
I attend alone to this show
that prompts my mind back to then

my legs are asking
for rest they deserve
faithful they carried
my weight till the end
my trembling hand drawn
by consumed blue veins
to them I owe the strength
to climb back my descent

vest of flesh I called me
time to rest underneath
but inside the child lives
once again laughs and speaks

time is for me to leave
I won't fall into numb sleep
I left here something
that I want to retrieve
safe from ravenous years
one frame of distant beauty
pure fragrance
this dream's last scene

tell me of
timeless days
spent to enjoy
a divine gift


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