Down There

how long has it been?
I was sleeping here on this moon alone
satellite to the world where I was born
in this eclipse I'd fold 

hiding in this  shelter I'll silent my mouth
countless voices in my head shout

unable to face the frightening truth
that everything is nothing
I'd run away, became a faithless hermit
locked feelings in a safe

too scared to move and just too weak to stand
watching and prying from this secluded hill

a shut and blackened halo

I switched my lights off
I pulled  my curtain down
told myself there's no more shows for me now

time to sleep
time to freeze
time to avoid the effort to live

has it always been like this?
have I always felt this way?
did I see things this way the first time
I had my gaze on this place?

still remain shards of pictures
the colours the smells the lights
everything was astonishing then
everything spoke to me

the embrace of the branches
the dance of the flames
the life spreading sun
the chilling kiss of rain
waters ran fluent in the river I was
evolution pinnacle that never stops to grow

what could have changed all this?
who stole that thauma from me?
who killed the elated child?
who drawn with clouds my clear sky?

I know the deceiver, the liar, the thief
I've seen the killer digging inside me
that fiend that grabbed the child and brought him away
put him in a lifeless corpse and threw the key down there
where the sphere turns carelessly
looking too awful for me

now I can see the key blinking to me
jewel sparkling from the black depths of the sea
but I won't reach it just stretching my arm
I will need to walk right towards my fear

so now there I go

just a dive to take
a step to move
one leap of faith
comfort to elude
I need to un-wear this armour or I'll sink
gotta travel light, seamlessly
no welcoming friends on that far land
by myself  through forests and sand
for the picture to be whole again
to write again the tale I am
time to abandon the moon
time to throw myself
to fall down there

time to breathe
time to leave
time to dare
the effort to live



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