This emptiness I've been through has shown me things I wouldn't even think live within me
the dark night of the soul hit, and like a house of cards my world fell down and all was wilderness
I saw the face of the unsettling guest and tried to act like he wasn't there
but there was no way to avoid the test, the resonance of his call was loud and present everywhere

to help me seeing my task you firmly grasped my hand and all games were over, over

all this time I've felt like a needle had found its way into my head
that constant itch that made me want to scratch the skin off my own flesh
hunger and thirst for food and water I could not steal from the earth
free to walk blind and deaf I carried on to gain the right to rest

felt safer to stay there, locked up inside a safe
I didn't realize that no lips can kiss the child hiding from their love inside a chest

and never again I will accept to lay behind these walls of lies
and sleep through numb and timeless nights, and never again I will obey the king inside
the archetype supposed to be my very strength that for too long I left free to rule me
oppress my soul with his tyranny, never

I'll try to drop this choking mask and show my scars, to embrace my fear, let you come near, and see what happens then
lower my hands, be defenseless, and risk to drown, take on your challenge, be myself and see what happens then

we hide our inner shape deluding ourselves, thinking that this pain's what we deserve
ignoring what we share, and desperate to prevent our love from being taken away

alive and dead, enemies, friends, rulers and slaves, the children of men
bleeding within, forsaken down here, still fighting to breathe, and grant ourselves air
something to believe, some heaven to see

all these lives entangled like two snakes around a branch
that's stretching out from the eternal sacred tree

oh now I feel violent vibrations shaking the very foundations of the earth
all connected, roots and branches, light and darkness dance inside my head
am I mad?
no more judgement, spite or anger, every piece is falling into place



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