Hands and legs still tremble, tired for the long crawl (moves so slow)
I'll sit here and linger, wait for you to talk (show me more)
constant leaking, flesh is shedding blood and salt from every pore (fill this hole)

and I call your name for more, speaking words I've never known
draw your faces on a wall, picture nightmares, dreams and fall through fear and love for all

come with me now (you show up) says your voice through notes and waving sounds
let's walk the grounds (lift me up) hosting hills and swamps still to be found
let me be your guide,(rope to climb)  time has come to see rather than pry
grasp my hand and rise,(through the night) how can there be death if you're alive?

is here that I belong?
can I give up this chore?
follow the forth man call and roll down through the hole

all these rules set for me since my birth, rails and locks to keep me
on my righteous path and save me from falls and straying
prevent awakening, became my family
take this costume off me and embrace my naked body
dig your pointy fingers through my poisoned chest and tear off
these cancerous lies they sewed onto my heart to scare my soul
shock me with your roar, make me uncomfortable, and force my wings to take off

ever wondered why you feel like achievements bring you nowhere?
all these myths they passed on to you, supposed to be your guidelines
scrypts of wisdom and love wrote by blind hands soaked up in blood and mud

awake and bring the language of Iamness back into your very world
the one you came from, the one you long for, the ocean beyond this jungle of words
this prison of signs, designed by the mind, to keep you complying

come with me now, let's give up this farce and be the sound
rhymes and songs for the bell of life to swing and cast again frequencies and shapes
let the eternal music leave this place, be the scream and spread once again the logos among men

listen to the silence kept too long away by this fearful self
look into the eye the other to face the gaze of your aloneness

nothing to run from, there's nothing to become



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